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      Hold valve test bench
      - Feb 21, 2017 -

      JWZ hold valve test rig performance and working principle

      ★ JWZ test-bed type is suitable for direct flange gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, valve seat and valve body strength pressure performance test.

      ★ The main principle: through flanged valve end location, hydraulic claw hold back pressure the pressure valve flange seal tight, left on the table of the clamping jaw body axial compression and relaxation retreat and radial size to work in sync. Right table setting 90-degree flip, left table set to balance the mobile rack can be moved horizontally. Features transmission driven by hydraulic appliance button control, pressure and pressure relief with needle valve with manual control. According to the test pressure rating of the valve can be adjusted, the maximum cannot exceed the above (tables) pressure.

      ★ Equipped with electric contact pressure gauge (when testing the valve reaches the required pressure can stop holding). In the process of testing the water or gas pressure, subjects have high pressure in valve cavity press any of the buttons are not working, no pressure relief to to work properly. (Work safe).

      ★ Equipped with high pressure pumps, electric low pressure pumps. Media circulation of water, gas, oil, intake pipe connectors (consumer-owned gas source 0.8-1.0MPa).

      ★ Configure two-way pressure and pressure relief and set pressure and the pressure relief device.

      ★ Vibration-proof pressure gauge, accuracy class 1.6, standard MPa/Psi, test pressure gauge to implement [the three-tier system],: high, medium and low pressure gauge used: 25.0MPa, 10.0MPa, 6.0MPa.