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      Hydraulic test-bed
      - Feb 21, 2017 -

      Hydraulic test rig, also known as hydrostatic test, comprehensive test stand for hydraulic components are mainly used for hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinder performance test, you can test various specifications of hydraulic components.

      Suitable for all kinds of automotive hoses, hose, air conditioning pipes, cars and other products of the test of resistance to pressure, blasting. Used to measure various types of pipes bursting pressure and pressure-resistant measuring. Its quality testing units, is widely used in various car parts manufacturing units, product quality testing stations, research institutions and other hose production, research and development and other fields. Pressure test system consists of a pressure system and control and display system. Pressure system consists mainly of liquid booster pump, main system pressure and holding pressure, ensures that the test pressure and holding for a long time. Control and display system main control drive gas pressure control pressure relief, display pressure control pressure and so on.