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      0-30t Hydraulic Pressure Strength Test Machine
      - May 18, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:YAW-300C

      • Type:Strength Testing Machine

      • Origin:Shandong, China

      Product Description

      Application Range of Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine

      The testing machine is mainly used to do the compressive strength test and the flexural test of concrete, petroleum, gas proppant, cement product, air brick, refractory materials, engineering materials, building stones, rubber bearing and construction materials.

      Technical Index of Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine

      Max Test Force: 300KN/10kN

      Relative Error of Test Force Indicating Value: ≤ ± 1%

      Loading Rate: 0.3KN/S~10KN/S(Compressive Strength) 50N/s( Flexural Strength)

      Error of Loading Speed: ± 5%

      Size of Pressure Plate: φ 155mm(Compressive Strength) 80X150mm( Flexural Strength)

      Quality Warranty of Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine

      Within one year from the official date of the testing machine delivery, the products supplier offer the free maintenance service about the various types of failures in timely. And for the non-artificial damage of all kinds of parts, we provide free replacement timely. About the products problems which are beyond the warranty, the products supplier will go to the users' factory to remove the products faults in time.

      The details of the technical index of the testing machine will be sent to you after you contact us.

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