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      Behind The Hot Market Of The Suncenter Parallel Air Booster Is...
      - Nov 07, 2019 -

      As the main product of the Suncenter brand for the new industrial era, the DGS-DGV02-2 parallel air booster equipment broke the stereotype of the ordinary air booster pump outside the industry. Since its launch for a period of time, the Suncenter DGS-DGV02-2 parallel air booster has been regarded as one of the most worthy booster pumps in the booster equipment market, and is the best recognition of the market and consumers.


      In the past decade, the application boom of supercharged equipment has swept the world and the market has gradually expanded. With the application upgrade and the expansion of the scope, the market impact of the supercharged equipment is also expanding. Among them, the parallel air boosting equipment with more advantages in high pressure and large flow is more and more favored by users.

      In fact, for a long time, foreign brand air-supercharging equipment, which is known for its high pressure and high flow rate, often dominates the market. However, with the upgrade of China's supercharged equipment, especially the introduction of foreign technology like Suncenter. The constantly innovating brand, the situation that the booster pump was seized by foreign brands was gradually broken.


      In recent years, Suncenter has been based on its gas booster pump (such as DGA02) or air booster pump (DGV02/DGV05) as the core component, connected to the gas tank (40L-300L), together with valves, pressure gauges, The complete system consisting of pressure reducing valves outputs stable and adjustable pressure, which meets the needs of customers to a large extent. It adopts double pump mode and can output large flow of gas. And with its precise brand positioning and comprehensive product strength, the Suncenter DGS-DGV02-2 parallel air booster device is officially launched for the “Red Sea” market, a high-pressure and large-flow booster equipment.


      In addition, based on the difference in user demand, the Suncenter DGS-DGV02-2 parallel air booster uses compressed air as the power to pressurize air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc. The boost ratio is 2: 1 and 5:1 (that is, double or five times the pressurization of the pressurized medium), and the device is a separate booster unit, connected in series in the pressurized pipeline, with supercharging speed Fast, long service life, stable pressure, large flow, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and use. It provides solutions for low air pressure in the workshop, air conditioning coil detection, valve air tightness detection, pressure vessel inspection, and constant replenishment of gas in the gas tank.

      Since the introduction of the modified parallel air booster equipment, its product strength has also been fully tested, and it is highly recognized in terms of sales performance and user reputation. In addition to solving the problems of low air pressure in the workshop, air conditioning coil detection, valve air tightness detection, pressure vessel inspection, and constant replenishment of gas in the gas tank. As the “first-class player” in the booster pump market, the DGS-DGV02-2 parallel air booster can also be used in coordinate measuring machines, laser marking machines, CNC machining centers, argon arc welding machines, carbon dioxide. Protective welding machine, brewery packaging equipment, brewery gas control valve, brewery malt oxygenation equipment, air tightness testing machine and other high-precision pneumatic equipment need to be pressurized, to meet the needs of customers to the utmost.

      Undoubtedly, Suncenter has always adapted to the diversified and differentiated user needs in the market, whether it is shape design, high-pressure flow configuration, price range, service experience, from pump to pump, Suncenter DGS The -DGV02-2 parallel air booster meets the needs of users. In the future, with the continuous release of the products of the company, it is bound to be recognized by more and more consumers, and the market performance is worth looking forward to!