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      Electric Hydraulic Test Pump
      - Jul 11, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:4D-SY80Mpa

      • Structure:Piston Pump

      • Power:Electric

      • Type:Hydraulic Test Pump

      • Application:Submersible Pump

      • Theory:Reciprocating Pump

      • Motor Power:1.1kw

      • Max. Range:80mpa

      • Trademark:HAORI

      • Specification:ISO9001

      • Origin:China

      • HS Code:84135020

      Product Description

      Model 4D-SY(6.3_80MPa) electric hydraulic test pump is mainly used in hydrostatic test for various pressure containers, oxygen cylinder, pipe, valve and steam boiler. It is a device in the new technology of processing and high pressure source for liquids in the lab.
      The device is specially designed with clean water and emulsion livid of 5-60 degree and oil of viscosity no more than 45 mm2/s as the working media. The liquid is filled up quickly and pressure goes higher immediately when doing the testing initially. It is to reduce the testing time, has great flow volume. When the pressure is over 1.6Mpa (the pressure can be automatically adjusted lower), the flow volume is automatically reduced in order to keep the testing slow and stable. Thus the product has two flow volumes under high and low pressure, and it changes automatically. Any kind of pressure testing can be performed under the rated pressure output. Its working temperature is 5-60 degree.

      II. Technical Parameters
      The series hydraulic test pump has seven models and its basic parameters are shown in Table 1. When selecting the hydraulic test pump, the rated pressure should be chosen based on the testing pressure needed. The flow requirement shall also be considered.

      Table 1
      MODEL rated exhaust pressure MPa Flux L/h Plunger Diameter Reciprocating time mating Motor powder KW Overall Size LxWxH(mm) Weight Kg
      High Pressure Low pressure High pressure Low pressure
      4D-SY160/6.3 6.3 160 530 32 45 51 1.1 1.1 1.1 3 815× 480× 1055 215
      4D-SY100/10 10 100 450 25
      4D-SY63/16 16 63 400 20
      4D-SY40/25 25 40 380 16
      4D-SY35/35 35 35 370 15 1.5
      4D-SY30/40 40 30 360 14 1.5
      1.52.2 840× 480× 1055
      4D-SY22/63 63 22 340 12
      4D-SY16/80 80 16 340 10

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