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      Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine
      - Aug 28, 2017 -

      Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine Basic Info

      • Model NO.: Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine

      • Packaging Material: Plastic

      • Driven Type: Electric

      • Function: Produce PE Tubes for Cosmetics

      • Application: Dairy Products, Cleaning, Detergent, Cosmetics, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products

      • Circulation Function: Can Be Recoveried

      • Mode of Operation: Packaging of Export Products

      • Colorful Tubes: All Colorfuls According with Color Masterbatch

      • Transport Package: Wooden Case

      • Origin: Jiangsu, China

      • Usage: Packaging of Goods, Cosmetics,Medical,Skin Care

      • Packaging: Soft Tube

      • Type: Packaging Production Line

      • Packaging Technology: Moisture Proof Packaging

      • Soft and Hardness: Flexible Package

      • Frequency of Use: One Packaging

      • Two Layer: Both Layers Are PE

      • Trademark: Sunway

      • Specification: 6500*4000*2100MM

      Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine Product Description

      1. Features
      Two-layer extrusion tube can reduce material cost.(using : Pearl + PE/PE + Pigment)
      The temperature controllers of different materials can be controlled individually. In this way, we can find out the best running condition on the materials both in running fluency and dissolubility.
      The surface of co-extrusion tubes made by two-layer machine is more glossy than the surface of mono-layer tubes.
      Using the same material on two-layer co-extrusion can increase the water-resistance and anti-penetration of the materials for about 20-30% (using: PE+ Pigment. Inner: recycled material.)
      2. Main Specifications
      l Screw Dia(inner): φ45mm,15HP
      l Screw Dia(outer): φ40mm,10HP
      l Screw L/D Ratio (inner): 32/1
      l Screw L/D Ratio (outer): 32/1
      l Screw Type : Full flight
      l Water consumption: 40L/min . 5-10C
      l Power consumption : 66kw
      l Extrusion Linear Speed : 15m/min
      l Cutting Speed: 100pcs/min
      l Tube Dia Range : φ19-60mm
      l Machine Size : 6500*4000*2100mm
      l Total New Weight : approx.3240kg.
      3. Main Part List

      Item.Name and ModelBrand or Manufacturer
      1Variable speed motor:YVF2-132M-6Anhui Wannan Motor
      2High strength hardened gear speed reducer:ZLYJ146-10-IIHangzhou Xiaoshan Shuguang Machinery Factory
      3Fan:DF-3Shanghai Zhangao Fan
      4Ball screw pair:SFE R 2525-6 D 470ABBA
      5Stainless steel pump:TPH2T3K 
      6Water circulation vacuum pump:2VB2 060-0NC00-2PThe German Siemens
      7Three-phase asynchronous motor deceleration:ZF32-0.75-30Xiamen Dongli
      8Servo Motor:MHMD082G1UPanasonic
      9Servo motor drive:MCDHT3520EPanasonic
      11Frequency Transformer:AVF100-0754Panasonic
      12PLC:FP-X C30TPanasonic
      13Touch Screen:PWS5610T-SHai Tai Ke
      14Vacuum pressure regulating valve:VC63Korea
      15Encoder:OVW2-20-2MHT 2000p/rPanasonic
      16Screw arbor:Φ50  1:32Zhejiang Zhoushan

       Hydrostatic Pressure Test Machine