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      Jwtq-Type Diving Valve Test Bench
      - May 23, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:JWTQ-type diving valve test bench

      • Type:Bench Grinder

      • Power Source:Hydraulic

      • Object:Turning Tool

      • Material:Steel

      • Variable Speed:With Variable Speed

      • Trademark:YOUJI

      • Transport Package:Wooden Case

      • Specification:ISO 9001

      • Origin:Wenzhou

      Product Description

      Zhejiang YOUJI Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.
      valve testing
      valve test bench
      Suitable for small diameter flange, welding type, internal and external thread forged steel valve pressure performance test, fully meet the requirements of GB/t13927-2008, JB/T9092-99, API598;
      Both jaws clamp and pressure tight type and sinks the test pieces into the water tank, the lifting function, and is especially suitable for gas pressure test, operation and use are convenient,
      The system is equipped with high and low pressure water pump pressure supply device;
      Pressure test medium is water and gas, which is selected by users;
      In the test of water or gas pressure in the process, the valve cavity has a higher pressure in the case of any one button does not work, has been pressure relief to the normal work;
      The machine is provided with a hydraulic automatic unloading system, when in use, high pressure and discharge charge state automatic switching, effectively reduce the oil temperature, prolong the service life of the equipment, saving energy and reducing consumption.
      Safety protection device with pressure test;
      Can be set with computer testing data management system.


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