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      Pump Maintenance
      - Feb 21, 2017 -

      Centrifugal pump piping and joints loose. Rotating centrifugal pump by hand, see centrifugal pump is flexible. Join the bearing lubrication oil in the body, observe oil level should be at the center line of the oil, the oil should be replaced or supplemented.

      Motor, look at the motor direction is correct. Motors, when the pump is normal operation, open export vacuum pumps depending on the pressure gauge and imports showing adequate pressure, gradually opening the valve and check the motor load.

      Control the flow and head of centrifugal pumps within the range indicated on the plate, to ensure that the pump functioning at maximum efficiency in order to obtain maximum energy savings. Pump running process, bearing temperature must not exceed ambient temperature 35C, maximum temperature must not exceed 80C.

      Abnormal noises immediately stop checking reasons of a centrifugal pump. When you want to stop using, check valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

      In the first months after 100-hour oil changes, every 500 hours, change the oil again. Rotor pump packing gland, ensure packing room dripping normal (in drips).

      Is the use of impeller of a centrifugal pump and the water of eccentric exercise to work. Pump before starting, pump casing and suction pipes must be filled with water, and then start the motor, the pump impeller and shaft driven water do the high speed rotation, centrifugal movement of water, was thrown to the outside edge of the impeller, volute pump casing's flow into the pump discharge system.