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      Salable Electrical Hydrostatic Pressure Comparison Test Pump ETP-4.0
      - May 12, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:ETP-4.0

      • Trademark:WEIYE

      • Origin:China(Mainland)

      Product Description

      Salable Electrical Hydrostatic Pressure comparison test Pump

      The original company name is Yuyao City Weiye Machine Equipment Manufacturer.

      Light Weight Portable Hand Pressure Test Pump With Reasonable Price
      If You Want To Design By Yourself, We Also Can Consult.
      We Will Do Our Best TO Get Your Satisfaction! !

      Used electrical appliances
      This item ETP- 4.0 is newly developed electrical test pump/washing machine by our factory. It has three characteristics as the following:
      1, The product is three piston pumps, type of mechanism adopt Full sealed engine oil to lubricate, and the part of oil seal was used completed imported and high quality to make the machine have a long working life.

      2, it is greatly improved the work efficiency under the same conditions by water quantity how much output 8L per minute after the machine was used the six pole motor.

      3, the pump is one-piece design, each part compact connection to reduce the size of machine, besides, the weight just a half of the similar products that good to carry and have lowered the workers' intensity.

      4. The machine also can be used for washing car if match on washing pipe and gun. Not only make your lives colourful but also maintain consistent high quality

      Model  Current
      rated pressure
      Powe (W) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Rotating speed
      ETP-4.0 4.0A 4.0/40 8.0 600 220 50 2800
      ETP-4.0-1 4.0A 3.5/35 8.0 600 220 50 2800

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