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      Testing Pump Maintenance
      - Feb 21, 2017 -

      1. Test pump start should carefully check all parts before using the connection and whether the screwing, pressure gauge is normal, the water pipe is installed, the pump medium is 5~50 ° c water, emulsion or oil kinematic viscosity of <45mm2/s. The prohibition of the use of sediment and other pollutants have no clean water.

      2. To improve the testing efficiency, will be first test container or device is filled with water, then test pump outlet pipe.

      3. During the process of pressure test, found the water there are a number of open air screw valve and let out the air.

      4. During the process of pressure test if there is any slight water should immediately stop working checked and repaired, is strictly prohibited under the water to continue to ratchet up the pressure.

      5. After the pressure test, first loosen the drain valve, pressure drop, so that the pressure gauge is damaged.

      6. Testing pump when not in use, water in the drain pump, suck a small amount of oil to prevent rusting.