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      Triplex Plunger Pump High Pressure Cleaning Machine High Pressure Cleaner High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing Pump
      - Jul 16, 2017 -

      fm200 filling systemBasic Info

      • Type: Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

      • Drive: Motor

      • Application: Industrial

      • Certification: CE, CB, CSA, ETL, RoHS, UL, UR

      • Trademark: LIFENG

      • Specification: 2500X1500X1600

      • HS Code: 842489990

      • Operation Type: Movable

      • Nozzle Type: Rotate

      • Condition: New

      • Customized: Customized

      • Transport Package: Wood

      • Origin: China

      Product Description

      Electric Motor High Pressure Cleaner LFB3Q-S

      Application for High Pressure Cleaner

      1.High-pressure or super high pressure Cleaner are widely applied for washing and descaling in the industry of petroleum, chemicals, fertilizer, power, sugar-making, paper-making, food and starch.

      2.Process washer and copper-fluid pump in the industry of petroleum, chemicals and fertilizer, water filling pump in the oil field and salt mine, liquefied CO2 pump, 5-Na sludge pump and pressure-test pump for pipe valve

      3.Elimination of phosphate and rust in the metallurgy industry Cleaner

      4.Hydraulic power and spray dedusting in the mine

      5.Greencutting of hydraulic power generating project and concrete, spray and temperature reduction

      6.Descaling, washing and firefighting in the industry of ship repair

      7.Washing of exterior wall of building, urban drain and etc. 

      Characteristics for pressure washer

      1,This washer is Germany KAMAT company design, manufacture in China..

      2,Piston stroke length, crank shaft rotational speed is low, the crankshaft forced lubrication, oil cooler.

      3,The unit water system downtime.

      4,Stuffing box.spacer,valve core,valve seat,imports to the United states.

      5,Packing for the German import.

      6,Industrial-grade stainless steel pump.

      7,Stainless steel flange ultra clean filter, filtration precision 15 microns

      8,PLC program control

      Drive speed-11480Stroke120
      Gear ratio4.04 Crankshaft speed-1366
      Motor power110132160Plunger
      Flow ratePressureφmm
      2.4 4014001600 20
      3.0 5012001400160022
      3.6 6010001150140024
      4.2 708501000120026
      4.8 80700850100028
      5.58 9360070090030

      Configuration for pressure Cleaner

      Electrical Motor :

      Brand:Siemens China co., LTD

      Technical Parameters (According to customer's requirements):  

      Rated Voltage:380V

      Rated Frequency:50Hz

      Insulation Class:F

      Enclosure Protection Class:IP54



      Packaging & Delivery for High Pressure Cleaner

      Packaging Details : 1.Outside package:  Composite board  2. Inner package: Stretch film &  Steel bracket

      Delivery Detail: about 10 workdays after payments

      Electrical Control Cabinet of Pressure Cleaner
      fm200 filling systemAccessory :

      Cleaning Systems for High Pressure Cleaner

      Guarantee And After-sale Service
       · Our pressure washer has one year gurantee for pump main parts

      · 24 hours technical support by e-mail

      · Live-work instruction

       fm200 filling system