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      Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd

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      Ultra High Pressure Testing Pump/High Flow Rate (3DSY)
      - Jul 11, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:3DSY

      • Pressure Medium:Water

      • Warranty:12months

      • Trademark:JOY M&E

      • Specification:A level of quality, e. g CE, RoHS, SGS, GMP, etc.

      • Origin:China

      Product Description

      JOY M&E pumps' product line includes the world's most dependable reciprocating triplex plunger pumps. This design allows a cost-effective pump to achieve high-efficiency and low-pulsation. JOY pumps field-proven dependability, efficiency, durability and versatility give users the best using experience. With highly-efficient pumps and proven dependability, JOY M&E's products are utilized world-wide in thousands of applications.
      A wide product range of plunger pumps are available: 3LPM to 1200LPM, 20bar to3000bar. Pumps are available in brass, nickel aluminum bronze, 316 stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.
      We offer a range of belt-driven pumps from 3LPM to 500LPM. Belt-drive is a very popular option because of the flow flexibility given within pulley ratios. Using a belt-drive isolates the pump from the heat and vibration of the motor or engine driving the pump. The belt also isolates shock from an engine or motor on start up, which can put excess wear on the crankshaft and drive end components. Belt-drive pumps give the flexibility of changing pump flow by a simple pulley change.
      Model Pressure scope(Mpa) Flow rate LPM Power kW
      3DSY20 4~50 25~2 2.2
      3DSY35 2~50 65-6 5.5
      3DSY40 2~70 153~5 7.5
      3DSY40A 2~70 153~8 11
      3DSY40B 2~150 153~5 15
      3DSY40C 2~150 153~6 18.5
      3DSY60 2~150 250~7 22
      3DSY60A 2~150 250~10 30
      3DSY75 2~150 250~13 37
      3DSY75A 2~150 250~15 45
      3DSY80 2~120 360~23 55
      3DSY80A 2~100 360~40 75
      3DSY80B 2~100 360~45 90
      3DSY80C 2~100 360~55 110
      3DSY120 4~120 720~12 120
      3DSY150 6~150 1790~19 45~300

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