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      Valve Test Bench for Flanged Valves (JWZ)
      - May 25, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:JWZ

      • Trademark:DORY

      • Specification:Manufacture′s Standard

      • Origin:China

      • HS Code:90312000

      Product Description

      Valve Test Bench for Flanged Valves, Valve Tester (JWZ)

      Specially applied to perform the intensity and leakage test for all kinds of flanged valves.
      Clamping directly on the both flanges of the tested valves prevent the tested valve body from the effect of external force.
      One side of the bench can be moved, so the test won't be restricted by the structural length of the valve.
      When perform leakage test and air tightness test, the other side of the machine can be reversed by 90 degrees to make the leakage checking easy.
      Test medium can be water, gas or oil, optioned by user. The medium can be recycled use and storage.
      The hydraulic water supplying device of system is composed of the high and low pressure water pump.
      Under the users' requirements, the safety protection devices and data management system can be equipped.

      The models for user choosing:
      JWZ-100---DN15-100 JWZ-200---DN50-200
      JWZ-300---DN80-300 JWZ-400---DN200-400
      JWZ-500---DN250-500 JWZ-600---DN300-600
      JWZ-800---DN500-800 JWZ-1000---DN600-1000

      The maximal pressure of intensity test: 480Bar
      The maximal pressure of leakage test: 320Bar
      The test mediums: Water, gas or oil.

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