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      Valve Test Bench (YFT-C50)
      - May 23, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:YFT-C50

      • Trademark:YYSB

      • Specification:GB/T13927-92, API1598

      • Origin:China

      • HS Code:90312000

      Product Description

      1. Suitable for the pressure property test of small-bore flange type, welding type, internal and external thread type forged steel etc.
      2. Have both the clip claw press type and top press impact type work, sink the test workpiece into the water tank, you can lift up and down and 90 degree overturn function, especially suitable for the gas pressure test, with simple and convenient operation.
      3. Equip with the high and low pressure water pump pressure supply device in system, the test medium
      Circulating storage use.
      4. Pressure trial medium is water, air and kerosene arbitrary option by users.

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