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      Yaw Series Microcomputer Controlled Eleltronic and Hydraulic Servo Pressure/Compression Testing Machine
      - May 14, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Type:Universal Testing Machine

      • Accuracy Grade:0.5

      • Display:Digital

      • Control:Computer Control

      • Power Source:AC380V

      • Trademark:Fangyuan

      • Specification:YAW, YEW

      • Origin:Shandong

      Product Description

      YAW series full automatic pressure testing machine  
      The machine by our company and Zhejiang University jointly developed and modern machine, electricity, liquid as one of the high-tech universal type automatic pressure testing machine, mainly for testing the compressive strength of brick, stone, cement, concrete and other materials, can also be used to test the compressive performance of other materials.
      Main technical parameter:

      Maximum test force1000/2000kn3000kN
      Relative error of test force 
      Upper and lower pressure plate size220*240mm
      Upper and lower pressure plate maximum spacing330mm380mm
      Piston Max stroke50mm50mm
      Piston diameterφ250mmφ250mm
      Rated pressure of hydraulic pump
      Motor power0.75kw
      Outline dimensio

      Extended reading:
      How to solve the problem of the hydraulic system of YAW-3000B full automatic pressure testing machine
      Aiming at the problem of inadequate amount of oil YAW-3000B automatic pressure testing machine hydraulic system. First we analyze the cause of the problems, then according to the reasons to take different measures, by our technical staff analysis, probably due to the following two points
      First, the overflow valve automatic pressure tester for hydraulic YAW-3000B appears fault, or is a slide valve card in the open position, produced a large amount of leakage;
      Second, oil suction pipe and other binding surface is not tight, causing air mixed with the hydraulic pressure test machine within the pump.
      For these two reasons, we can take the following measures:
      First, remove the overflow valve check valve and cleaning, YAW-3000B automatic pressure test machine to overcome internal leakage.
      Second, check and tighten the pipe joint of the oil suction pipe, and the sealing performance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic YAW-3000B full automatic pressure testing machine.