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      YFT-C Couple Model Hydraulic Valve Test Bench
      - May 25, 2017 -

      Product Detail

      Basic Info

      • Model NO.:YFT-C Couple

      • Type:Test and Measurement Instruments

      • Trademark:foreverstars

      • Specification:CE2000, ISO9001

      • Origin:Wenzhou, China

      Product Description

      Technical performance and feature:

      1. YFT-C type hydraulic valve test bench suitable for DN15-50mm flange, welding and threaded valve test.

      2. Claws clamp part and impaciton cylinder parts are separated.

      3. Test medium can be choosing by user, water, air or kerosene.

      4. Test bench has low pressure water pump and water booster. There is an air connection reserved for air pump.

      5. Water and hydraulic oil cycle use.

      6. The test bench has an automatic oil pressure discharge system. When using it, the high pressure condition and the relief pressure condition can be changed by itself. So it can reduce oil temperature, elongate life of test bench.

      Model YFT-C50
      Allowable test nomial diameter (mm) DN15-50
      Test valve face diameter(mm) 130-250
      Claws clamp part Allowable flange end of test valve Max. od/thickness(mm) 195/28
      Min. od/thickness((mm) 90/12
      Moving bracket horizontal distance (mm) 105-480
      Clamp part Axial stroke(mm) 32
      Radial stroke(mm) 80
      Cylinder impaction part Available betweenpandles(mm) 80-480
      Max. pressure of the water pump supply(MPa) 320
      Hydraulic system Rated pressure of oil pump (MPa) 31.5
      Flow(L/min) 16
      High pressure(increase pressure(MPa) 31.5
      Power 380(220)V/50(60)HZ
      Motor(KW) 2.2
      Dimension(L*B*H mm) 3350*1450*1900
      Weight(KG) 2500

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